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bond etfs

  1. Question about XSB and DRIP

    Question about short term bond etf (XSB) & DRIP Hi, I'm want to but some funds from my RRSP into a safer position and am looking at TSE:XSB(iShares DEX Short Term Bond Index Fund). Now, I was wondering the following: If I have enough shares to get a new share with every dividend payment (in a...
  2. DB Pension Plan - equivalent to Bonds portion of Couch Potato?

    So say I have $20k in contributions to a government DB pension plan--can I just consider $20k (although technically, the value would be higher due to accrued interest etc) for simplicity as the "bonds" portion in my portfolio? That would eliminate my need to purchase any bond ETFs. Is that a...
  3. Bond ETFs - to VAB or not to VAB?

    In light of the recent Couch Potato article Should You Replace Bonds With Cash? and its comments, are you/will you keep buying Bond ETFs in general and VAB in particular? I'll try a poll - what's in the Fixed Income portion of your portfolio? Thank you! :)
  4. ETF bonds

    Hi guys, Always a pleasure to read you all! A simple question for you today : What is your choice for ETF bonds? US, World, Canadian? Short, mid, long term? My choise right now is the Vanguard ETF VAB : Great performance during the last few years, long-term Canadian bond... The other choice...
  5. Bullets, Barbells and Ladders - a Primer on Bond ETFs

    In my latest column in the National Post I write about the incredible growth of bond ETFs in both dollars and complexity. And I take a look at some of characteristics of a number of different types. Here's the article link...