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  1. Need account ONLY for transferring funds when certified check needed

    General Personal Finance Talk
    We bank with PC Financial, but from time to time we need a certified check or bank draft. To do it with PC is, well, a pain, and takes too much time. (This is the case with all the low-fee and/or "virtual" banks, it seems.) I guess what we need is an account at a "real" bank, to which we can...
  2. Bank Institute RBC - Forced Deposit Only Account - Not Sure How To Approach.

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Okay, so I'm pretty new to this thread but have been gathering much information off this credited site for the past week as my story has been developing. I'm very confused as to what my actions are, and where my credits lay. To start - My account was a Checking Account, which after depositing...
  3. Is Risk still a Uncertainity

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Is Risk still an Uncertainity ? Perhaps no longer. With crisis time in market and credit based risks, collapsing and propped up Banks,fluctuating market conditions , rising frauds and vanishing credit, plummeting GDP and employment, rising debt, not to talk of aggressive free service offerings...
  4. Account Structure?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I'm curious how people set up their account structures? For me, I put all my income into my TD chequing account initially. At the end of each month after I've paid all my bills I leave myself a buffer and put the rest into an ING direct account (TFSA until maxed, then their normal account)...