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  1. Future of Ally Finacial Canada (or lack thereof)

    General Personal Finance Talk
    In other news today, it looks like RBC is intent on buying Ally Financial's Canadian operations for about $4 billion. Comments?
  2. Rules effecting Home equity line of credit in effect soon

    Real Estate
    As I had previously posted, the mortgage rules regarding lending practices by the regulated financial institutions will come in effect on October 31st, 2102. These rules essentially limit the availability of funds through your line of credit to 65% of the value of your home rather than the...
  3. Don't like bank fees!

    I have a Cibc checking account and they charge 3.90$ for 10 transaction, if you keep 1000$ they waive the 3.90$ a month but if you make more then 10 transaction you still and up paying some fees, so i opened a Ing direct Thrive checking account with no fees ever and they actualy pay you 0.25% in...
  4. Financial to-dos for Emigrants

    General Personal Finance Talk
    A friend of mine is emigrating out of Canada with no firm plans to return. He was asking me about what to do with his bank accounts and RRSPs here in Canada. Ideally, he would prefer to keep a portion of his accounts here in Canada. One reason is tax planning. If he withdraws the entire balance...
  5. Bank error - WWYD?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    We recently had a bank error where we have had a pre-authorized payment come out which paid off our credit card's monthly statement amount in full. We have arranged for this, so that's not the issue... the issue is the amount was not taken out of our account, but the credit card has been paid...
  6. Account Structure?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    I'm curious how people set up their account structures? For me, I put all my income into my TD chequing account initially. At the end of each month after I've paid all my bills I leave myself a buffer and put the rest into an ING direct account (TFSA until maxed, then their normal account)...