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  1. Taxation
    Hi, I started investing in Crypto this year mainly with the intention of long term holding. I know if I would hold 100% of the position long-term I would pay Capital gains on selling. What would happen if I split one position into two - long term and short term For example: (Made up numbers)...
  2. Retirement
    So I've joined this forum with the primary purpose of obtaining advice on what has become my enjoyable but complex responsibility of managing my mom's wealth. I hope that this will be an enjoyable exercise that may be of great benefit to my mom who deserves the best as she has and continues to...
  3. Individual Stocks/Equities
    Again another junior oil and gas company that is emphasizing the value of its assets and low cost-structure while losing out on low-oil prices. Anyone have any insight as to whether this one (I know LRE and ATH have been discussed here before) stands a chance of surviving if the oil slump...
1-3 of 3 Results