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asset allocation

  1. Where's my money at?

    Hello all, first time poster on a mission to get a good picture of my asset allocation. I invest in passive and manged mutual funds and ETF's. Because I'm usually after specific products, with low fees, I've ended up having these funds dispersed across four different FI's. There's 14 different...
  2. Asset Allocatiion / Portfolio Rebalancing - ~$200k @ 25

    Money Diaries
    Hi guys, I recently took a hard look at my asset allocation, and realized it's very suboptimal. I'm 25 - about 3 years out from school with $195K in liquid assets, no debt, and no other assets. For simplicity I'm excluding tax liabilities on investments. Rough breakdown is: Cash in...
  3. How to approach allocation across 2 RRSPs?

    Does anyone have a suggestion for how asset allocation should be managed across a husband and wife's RRSP? For example, is it best to: 1. Have each RRSP portfolio maintain the allocation I've decided on (e.g. X% bonds, Y% equities) or 2. Have 1 RRSP have the bonds component while the other...
  4. Advice on new portfolio

    In the process of building a new portfolio of reasonable size. Have been reading multiple forums. Targeting 10-12 years to retirement. Thought about my risk tolerence etc. Have been largely on sidelines with cash. Cdn Equity 23% (XIC + XIU + XCS + select stocks) US Equity 22% (VTI + VB...
  5. Asset allocation strategies

    General Personal Finance Talk
    Hi all, Let's assume you have a fairly simple investment account structure such as an RRSP account, non-registered investment account, and TFSA. Now, do you decide on one target asset allocation per account type (one type being retirement accounts, another type being non-retirement ones), or...