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  1. Real Estate
    Hi, I'm looking for more resources to find properties for sale in Ontario. I know there's and HouseSigma that I just was made aware of and I just found out that I can go to the city hall and ask to see the encyclopedia of assessments to look at any assessment value if I want to...
  2. Real Estate
    Hi, Apparently if you own a house you can lookup your property assessment value and you can also lookup your surrounding neighbourhood's assessment value. Does anyone know if someone who doesn't own a home, can they lookup property assessment value of houses? Thank you, Yves
  3. Taxation
    I got a notice of assessment and have to pay CRA a few thousand bucks. However there's a mistake at their end and so I'll only owe about half that. Do I pay them the whole amount now to avoid interest calculated daily or should I keep the portion that I think I won't have to pay. It could take...
1-3 of 3 Results