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  1. Retiree feels duped by bank advisors. Only got 3% last 6 years.

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    With the size portfolio this retiree had, he should have spent some time and money on investment books. Even reading Moneysense would have led him away from bank advisors and towards couch potato. He says he paid 30K over the last 6 years but I think with 1 million invested at 2.5% or so MER, it...
  2. CBC: Hidden cameras reveal dodgy financial advisers

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  3. Who is your most trusted advisor??

    General Personal Finance Talk
    After a great response to the 'lease a car/truck vs. purchase' thread. I would like to ask the community this: Who do you trust most in your financial affairs (corporate & personal) or who do you find you contact most for coordinating your business decisions? - Financial Advisor -...