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adjusted cost base

  1. Superficial Loss on shares - where does the adjusted cost base get added to?

    My question is regarding Superficial Losses on shares due to the purchase of same shares from wife and myself. Here is an example of some transactions in mine and my wife's non-registered accounts: July 1, 2018 - I purchase 50 shares of Apple in my non-registered account August 15, 2018 - Sell...
  2. Foreign Exchange Tax Implications

    I am wondering how to account for foreign exchange fluctuations when converting USD to CAD. I have money in a USD from when I worked in the US several years ago. At the time, the USD was not as strong and I paid Canadian and US income taxes on the income. Since then, the money has sat in a...
  3. How to account for currency exchange in capital gains calculations?

    I participate in an employee stock purchase plan, in which a portion of each paycheque goes to purchasing company stocks at a discount. What makes this complicated is that my company is based in the US, and trades on the NYSE. So the paycheque deductions are being converted to US dollars at some...