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  1. When is a car insurance payout taxable income?

    My wife is in a sticky situation. She was leasing a vehicle for her self-employed work and writing off all of the lease payments. Then at the end of the lease, she bought out the vehicle (didn't write off the purchase). At that point she is the owner of the vehicle and claimed a business portion...
  2. Seeking for a tax accountant and looking for advice

    Hi, I'm currently looking for a tax accountant and was wondering if anyone have any good recommendations you can recommended. I'm looking for a tax accountant who provides the following services: - Help file income tax for myself and my wife - Provide advice and taxation benefits - Who has...
  3. Canadian Tax Accountant Familiar With Non-Resident Tax Laws

    I'm a dual-citizen originally from Canada and have lived in California since 2009. Looking for a tax accountant to help me file Canadian taxes, who is familiar with non-resident rules. Thanks! :)
  4. Who is your most trusted advisor??

    General Personal Finance Talk
    After a great response to the 'lease a car/truck vs. purchase' thread. I would like to ask the community this: Who do you trust most in your financial affairs (corporate & personal) or who do you find you contact most for coordinating your business decisions? - Financial Advisor -...