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  1. Computing Adjusted Cost Base

    I have several stocks that are held in different accounts simultaneously. I know that computing the ACB at sale of any of these must take into account the average costs of all the holdings. However, what if one of the accounts is Registered? I have some holdings in a TFSA and/or RRIF as well as...
  2. ACB for security in multiple portfolios

    Wondering if anybody can shed some light on this, as the examples on the CRA website assume a plain-vanilla portfolio. I work(ed) at BMO and had a number of BMO shares in my employee stock plan ("ESOP"). I also purchased BMO shares in my separate brokerage account at Questrade. Now, for...
  3. ARC Resources (ARX) | Arc Energy Trust (AET) Conversion Jan 2011 ― ROC: Capital Gain?

    Individual Stocks/Equities
    ARC Resources (ARX) | Arc Energy Trust (AET) Conversion Jan 2011 ― ROC: Capital Gain? Hello all... I held 1200 units of Arc Energy Trust (AET) at the time of the conversion/merger to ARC Resources (ARX) as a dividend-paying corporation, and had accumulated $234 in tax-deferred income in the...
  4. Calculating average cost base (ACB) after merger?

    Hey everyone. I’m hoping that someone can help me understand ACB when a merger occurs. Say for example I buy 100 shares of ABC: $10.00 a share 100 shares Commissions are $11.95 Total outlay is $1011.95 ACB is $10.12 Now, say there is a merger and XYZ purchases ABC, and gives 0.167 shares of...
  5. How to account for currency exchange in capital gains calculations?

    I participate in an employee stock purchase plan, in which a portion of each paycheque goes to purchasing company stocks at a discount. What makes this complicated is that my company is based in the US, and trades on the NYSE. So the paycheque deductions are being converted to US dollars at some...
  6. I think I know the answer?

    General Personal Finance Talk
    If I bail out of our actively managed mutual fund, will we pay capital gain/loss on the total ACB for all the funds or will each individual fund be treated separately? The total dollar amount is spread between Can.,US, International etc. Some of the funds have a gain some a loss but all together...